Underneath: we are all the same (i).


Many people would like to blame idiotic political correctness issues, plus religious rights as a ground for a quarrel. The other day someone made a good point when they said to me that the more quarreling and disarray in the world, the more power the politicians have over us including a reason to institute autocratic leadership. I think this is a very true comment and way past a conspiracy theory. Think about it this way, a tree is a tree, no matter which culture you were born in and which religion you practice. So then why not stick to the facts at hand and work on identifying OBJECTIVELY what is right and what is wrong, rather than whether you or the other person is in the right or not. Focus on the event/issue at hand, rather than the person. Also, throughout all this silly media and political conditioning which clouds your judgement. End of the day we are ALL human beings with emotions and needs. We need to be loved, we need to be respected, we need to stay warm, we need to eat, we need to relieve ourselves, and we need to sleep. We need to protect our families. How much more is there. It shouldn’t bother me about what color or religion you are – these are basic universal needs. Follow these and judge according to these – then you will see the similarity and more than often find it easier to resolve issues. We are all the same underneath.

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