Path to love and respect.



As I thought about a picture to place in this post, my mind ran to when I first visited Pikes Peak Mountain in Colorado Springs. U.S. This path was the road to the highest mountain I’ve ever visited. The path reminds me of the road to a happy fulfilling relationship for both genders as advocated by the bible “love and respect.”

Women need love, and men need respect.  This is not to suggest both gender don’t need love and respect equally, but the importance is what my write up is advocating.

Many times, life throws us different blows, but one of the reviews from Emerson Eggerichs books resonates with me when an anonymous reviewer wrote below.

“What is important to men is not always the same as women. The author backs this up with surveys and statistics, not just opinion. After reading this book, I saw how extremely true and relevant this difference is. The author does a tremendous job explaining how most men and women tend to think, providing a firmer foundation for the furtherance of productive communication between the sexes. This book helped me change the way I see and communicate with all the men in my life, and has truly helped me to feel more effective in both communicating my needs to them, and understanding theirs. We are all equally people, but this book helps to show how society and genetics can influence our values and goals by sex.”


Love is not enough, but learning to decipher each others code is very important, most times it is not often done in a day, a month, or even a year.





Slippery affectionate detour: Love and Respect context.



“In the seductive embrace of life, dreams of you enthralls my mind, nothing is forever, but our love for ever” these are common romantic lines.  After a while, we notice changing trend to these love birds. The same people professing so much love can’t stand each other, or  live up to their romantic creed.

What is the issue?

While I cannot provide every answer, I must be blunt to say, there are issues that has sapped them of their affectionate strength, perhaps, it has been so bad to the extent that they have been left dried.

This July, my friend and I decided to read a book titled “Love and Respect” by Emerson Eggerichs.  Although, we’ve read many books this year, what stands out is how the author explained love and respect from a christian perspective. By making a connection with male and female interpretation, he made a case for what holds many healthy  relationships.  While his works has been heavily criticize, there are important nuggets that stands the test of time.

First Nuggets.

  1. Always swallow your pride to say you’re sorry. Being too proud to apologize is never worth it – your relationship suffers for no good benefit.

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