Are you swimming through life?


I want to talk about Swimmo in relation to our lives. I’m not yet a good swimmer, but I’m currently working on it. I found a new smartwatch called Swimmo which aims to give swimmers full attention by doing everything a smartwatch should do while acting as a swimming coach. Swimmo CEO, Mateusz Heleniak said. ‘We decided to change that with Swimmo, a smartwatch that overcomes all the challenges of using a wearable device underwater’. Swimmo focuses on developing the strength and power of muscles through customized training. Swimmo is capable of distance tracking, recognizing which calories were burned, speed tracking, monitoring heart rate, and timing swimmers in the water. This smartwatch does not require a constant connection to an Android phone; therefore, use it freely in the water and the data will sync later on when devices are nearby. Swimmo is the ideal tool for professional athletes, tri-athletes or anyone who is trying to improve their strength get in shape through swimming.


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