Marho and Daddy

We Did It.

Daddy: Marho, it’s time to read. No more iPad, computer or Netflix.
Marho: Daddy, I can’t read. Book is boring and you’re boring, book is not fun. I want fun.
Daddy: I know we’ve talked about your use of the word “I can’t.” Remember you’re daddy’s princess and we only use, “I can do all things” in this house. C’ mmon let’s read it. Let’s do it together.
We finally went through this boring book. She smiled. The occasion reminded me of how my Dad went through my books with me. It’s so much fun how much fathers can forever influence kids.
I believe with the growing daddy issues we have in America, all Dads should invest the time in these kids.

New Era

20150304_155022We are living in a time when there is great hatred, dishonor and disrespect in the world. This is fueled by talk radio, cable TV news channels, and social media. People are viciously attacking people with words on the internet as well as physically attacking others around the world. Christians need to run counter-culture to this and manifest the love and mercy of God in order to bring healing in the land. How we treat people, being aware and concerned about other people’s feelings, is a measure of how we love, honor and respect God – Tom Shanklin. More


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