I was in ChristChurch London when I heard this word preached about acceptance being the key to growth. I thought it out this way after that sermon, that was years ago about the subject of love. Sadly, many people believe that when they love someone, only that person can make them happy. They also wrongly believe that their love gives them a right to attempt to change that person and that this partner must do things for you in order for the love to be complete. The biggest mistake people make is thinking that love means that you are always in a good mood, see the brighter side of life and are constantly positive about everything around you, and that this feeling is all because of the person that you love. Interestingly, and this may come as a shock to you, love is not being scared of getting hurt and being jealous over another person.

Phew! If that’s the case, then what is love really all about?

Firstly, love is about acceptance. It is about accepting the person you love for who they are. Not wanting to change them, not believing that they could be better, but accepting that person for exactly who they are in this very moment.

Therefore, unconditional love is the second important aspect of love. Once you fall in love with this person, it doesn’t matter what they do, or who they become, where they live, how their circumstances change or whether they become ill – your love remains the same. And finally, love is completely selfless in that when you love, you expect nothing in return. This means that your love has no boundaries or expectations. Basically you love the other person unconditionally without any expectation of love in return. Whether they stay with you or leave you, your love remains the same.

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