Stand up for yourself and be clear about your boundaries


No where is there a rule book that states that you must be friends with everyone around you. As humans we long for acknowledgement and recognition and many people fail to realize that not everyone will give you this. I read a newsletter that advice that people should not strive to have everyone love them, but instead they should strive to have them respect them. This is a very important point in life. We always try to fit in everywhere, but never take a stand in what we believe. Then we wonder why people don’t respect us. It is an unchangeable fact that not everyone will like you – there is NOTHING you can do to change this. However, you can get them to respect you. The only way you can do this is to stand up for what you believe in. One way to do this with annoying people is to clearly tell them what your boundaries are and what you will allow them to say to you. Letting others know about your feelings and boundaries helps them treat you in the manner you want to be treated.

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