Most things you want to achieve.


Stop believing you should feel more confident before you take the next step.

Taking the next step is what builds your confidence. Meditate of that for a moment, and then force yourself forward.

You don’t need to have everything you want to achieve mapped out.

And you know what “next step” I’m referring to—that important one you’re just not quite “ready” to take yet… the one you keep waiting for the “right” time to take.

Well, it’s time! It’s time to allow yourself to be a beginner. Because no one starts off being great. And no one is perfect every step of the way.

We all learn the way on the way. So, do the best you can until you know better. Once you know better, do better.

Seriously, learn to start every day before you feel ready, and I promise you will learn how to succeed, step by step, before you even realize you’re good enough.

Ask any parent if they felt 100% ready for the arrival of their first child (or their first day as the parent of a 3-year-old, a 13-year-old, or a 23-year-old ). The answer will always be “no.” They just do the best they can to take the next step, and then they figure it out from there.
No matter what it is, you just need to get started—to make “starting” a daily ritual.

Because standing still, you have no momentum. Momentum and progress are what build confidence and erode apprehension.

Rituals put you in motion without having to think (and over-think) about the next move. You decided long before you acted—now you just act. And you act intentionally.

And when you act in this way, you make the most rewarding progress imaginable, every single day.

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