……this is the only creature on earth.


What is so remarkable about the homing pigeon?

First, when I think about my GPS, the homing pigeon comes to mind. When I think about humans and the purpose for their existence, this same pigeon comes to mind. The GPS redirects after you have lost your way. But the homing pigeon is one bird that can find its way back home.

Second, you can take a homing pigeon out of its roost, put it in a cage, cover the cage and put it in a trunk and travel with it. You could drive 1,000 miles in any direction, open the truck and let the pigeon out and it will find its way to its roost in spite of the distance and the direction.

Finally, this is the only creature on earth that can locate its way, except for human being (Tracy 2010).  The homing pigeon knows instinctively exactly where its home roost is located.

Humans know they are made for something greater than where they are. The only problem is our failure to utilize our gifts and take risk.  Many are so hesitant to set goals, because according to them, it never works for them. I wish they could try one more time and keep trying.  You could achieve greater than what you think. Just believe in yourself.

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