Positive Change (i)


While there are plenty of positive changes we seek in life – new relationships, new experiences, better education, etc. – for most of us, change represents uncertainty. With uncertainty comes insecurity and worry. The truth is, change isn’t always easy to deal with, but it’s something we have to embrace openly. We have to force a smile as best we can and push ourselves forward.

Most of us want change as much as we are afraid of it. We say things like, “I’m so unhappy in my marriage, but I’m afraid of being alone.” “I’m sick of working in a corporate cubicle, but I make decent money.” “I can’t stand where I live, but I own my home and it would be hard to sell.”

When we resist change, it’s because we’re still holding on to what life is asking us to release. Whether it’s planned or unplanned change, we are being asked to re-examine our path and consider what direction we really want to travel.

Change is part of living. And whether you like it or not, it’s going to take place with or without your approval. It could be something small (your company assigned you to a new project), or gigantic (death, divorce, or disability). Life has a natural way of forcing us to grow.

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