You’re better than that; don’t follow that line.


When it comes to arguments, I sometimes say, “you’re better than that; don’t follow that line. ” It’s all good and well not to raise your voice in an argument and keep control of your emotions. I know people who can do that well. However, and I actually find this hysterical… with a calm voice they can actually swear at the other person and insult them in a most profane manner. Hello – that’s as bad a shouting. Whatever you do and no matter how you are tempted – refrain from insulting bad language and profanity. If you stoop that low, you deserve what comes your way. If the other person stoops so low – do you really have to follow suite? We come back to that quotation, “When arguing with an idiot, make sure that you are not the idiot.” By stooping to their level I firmly believe you are a bigger idiot than them. Don’t follow that line, because you’re better than that.

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