just “one” (ii).


If ALL negative things in life start with ONE, then hey, it takes ANOTHER ONE to negate the negativity! Think about it this way, most bad things are a build-up of many things over a period of days, weeks, months etc. But again, it all started somewhere with the first ONE behavior. Therefore if you can learn to identify that first ONE thing as it happens, all you need to do is negate and change that ONE single thing in order to turn the situation around.

The challenge is of course to identify that initial ONE thing when it happens. But is it really a challenge? I don’t think so, as daily in each of our lives we encounter situations and experiences that begin in that moment. It’s as easy as doing something about it from today – and at this ONE moment! Take the example of a rude driver in traffic. That one rude person annoys you. However, but instantly adding another ONE positive thing into that situation you ONLY have to negate that ONE bad event. For example put on your ONE favourite song loudly and change your mood then and there. Someone is rude to you at work and it starts with that ONE rude remark. If you don’t tackle that situation head on then and there, this ONE rude remark builds into many over the next few days and months and eventually you not only hate that person, but odds are you hate everyone associated with that person. Now judgmentalism and group judgmentalism begins to show its ugly face. All because of ONE action that you didn’t negate when it happened!

The solution, no matter what negative event happens in your day, whether it is a snotty comment, selfish behaviour, bad attitude, it is up to you to take the onus and do ONE thing to negate that ONE event. In that way you remain in control of your life completely.

Advising someone to stand up to a plethora of behaviours and situations becomes a complex and scary thought. But saying to someone to only focus on ONE thing and change ONE thing at a time, is much easier and way more achievable.

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