Change your world by changing your mind


The choice is yours to continue with the old, or to change your mind-set and go for the new. Most importantly, remember, even if you decide not to make a choice, that is still a choice in itself to remain in the old state of mind!

Fair enough, it’s not always so easy to change and make new plans. Or is it? Maybe it’s just a mind-set. I believe the world today has wrongly conditioned people not to believe in their own abilities. Not because we can’t achieve our dreams, but because we have been misinformed and hence wrongly believe we cannot do it ourselves.

Let me explain, one goal is to learn to bake a cake. Most people just see the end result and have no idea how the process works, believing it to be too complex. Yet the first step in baking a cake is the easiest of them all! Find out how! Turn on the computer (we can all do that!), open Google and type in, “How to bake a cake?” Guess what, there are articles and videos on the first page on how to do it. By reading, or viewing one of these, you will already be so much more informed and pretty much know what is needed to bake a cake. The problem is, most people won’t even put in the effort to actually ask the question and look it up on Google. And believe it or not, the easiest and if not the MOST IMPORTANT step in achieving any New Years’ resolution is finding out how to do it!

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