Afraid of mistakes?


You can learn so much from your mistakes, and the moment you see them as lessons rather than mistakes, you negate the fear of encountering them in your daily life.

Guess what, if you do ‘go for it’ you won’t make all the mistakes you were scared of making, and when something does go wrong, the world won’t end and everyone won’t be pointing fingers at you. It will only be you that needs to come to terms with the mistake and learn from it.

So what happens when you do make a mistake? Easy, own up and acknowledge the mistake. Now talk to those close to you and ask for help in correcting it. Whether it is a family issue or a work mistake, as a team it is so much easier to resolve a problem than as an individual. Remember that other people may have made the same mistakes as you. By talking about it they can guide you to a faster solution. This also allows you to examine the mistake from various perspectives and discover the reason why it happened. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture! Mistakes are like stepping stones across a river, there are many of them, but the final goal is getting to the other side. The focus should be on progress, rather than fear of making more mistakes.

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