Make the Mistake!

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Sometimes we make the mistake instead of covering it up.

As an instructor, personally, I have so much respect for anyone far more if they came to me immediately after the mistake had happened. I could then assist helping fix the issue at hand. As humans, we intrinsically enjoy helping others and guiding them to success. The problem comes in when we are only told half-truths and asked to help in order to ‘cover up mistakes.’

Are you someone that has a hard time owning up to your mistakes? Do you feel embarrassed by your mistakes? Does it make you feel silly, or even stupid?

Guess what – everyone has these feelings, BUT not everyone sits back and accepts them. You need to do something and take action in order to gain back control.

Firstly, you need to learn to cope with your mistakes and deal with them in a positive way. This is only possible if you understand why we make mistakes. Hence I thought I would share a number of reasons with you why NOT making mistakes is bad for you.


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