Right now.



At the start of October, as humans, we start asking each other  the question, I guess most people often  ask themselves – “it is almost the end of the year, when is the right time?” We ask questions like “When is the right time to start this business? When is the right time to get into a relationship, travel the world, end the relationship, or resign and start a new career? You keep waiting for the right time. – You cannot wait for the perfect time; it will never come.  If you think now feels like the wrong time, think again.  It’s just uncertainty messing with your mind.  Most of the time you must simply dare to jump.  Today is the first day of a new beginning – the conception of a new life.  The next nine months are all yours.  You can do with them as you please.  Make them count.  Because a new person is born in nine months.  The only question is: Who do you want that person to be?  Right now is the time to decide. If living paycheck to paycheck is boring to you. Its time ti decide, now is the right time.

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