My thoughts

imageAfter several years in Europe. On this picture I was at Dublin Airport, I was passing through the tight security and wondering the reason surrounding my delay. It was a good time to remain negative because the  rush to catch my flight was strong. The sudden fear  of not wanting to miss my flight got a better part of me.

In the American Airways flight, I picked up a book and started reading these words,  Unsure if it was  Napoleon Hill, but it did encourage me.

The main idea of the book stresses that a positive mental attitude does not grow voluntarily, like the weeds of the fields. It requires cultivation, through carefully disciplined habits of thoughts. And the greatest of all training grounds for the cultivation of a positive mental attitude is provided by your chosen occupation, where you spend the greatest part of your life. Here you may combine your efforts to make them financially productive and to develop a positive mental attitude.

When you get your own thought habits under control, you will have yourself under control, but you cannot do it by drifting. Organize your thoughts. Decide what you want, to what position in life you aspire. Then plan ways and means to express your thoughts, in terms of organized action. Follow through with applied faith and unremitting persistence. This is the means by which you can become the master of your fate, the captain of your soul.

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