Day 2 visit

imageOn Monday she was bored and wanted to know what our plans was going to be for the day. We drove to my office and later to Chuck E. Cheese’s.

According to her, she had so much fun at Chuck E. Cheese’s. She got some tickets and played recklessly. She suggested our having another ice-cream like we did a day previously because the weather was humid. I declined, because we don’t want too much sugar. We had pizza and left.

We had our second struggle when I told her to give me water from the fridge. She said,”Daddy, I’m not your servant.” Those words attracted the usual tears. I reward obedient and have a zero tolerance to the opposite of it.

We end the day watching a movie in the house, and enjoying popcorn and sweet buttered corn.


inspirational Nugget: The most important thing in life is not the  triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.– Baron Pierre De Coubertin.


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