Day 1 visit.

imageSometime when you have a 5-year-old, there  are always some interesting drama attached to it.

Before her arrival at the Harlingen (Valley) international Airport, Texas, Marho had already requested how she wanted her room.  “Daddy, pink is my favorite color and I want pink.”

I decided to make everything pink; including the welcome ballon. On our way home, she rolled down the glass of the car and let her Sun dark shade off the moving car. She cried thinking I was going to stop and pick it for her along the Trenton road in McAllen, TX. No response from Daddy. She eventually cried home for the first time.

On entering her room, we started dealing with how she should be turning off the lights. We have about 38 light bulbs. I had an agreement with her that if she turns off the lights she’ll be paid $1 each day. She excitedly accepted the offer and it’s been good. I calculated that her turning off the light would save us more money than what I would pay her. Most times she’s very gifted in leaving all the lights on. Now she has the responsibility of working for her money by keeping the light off when not in use.


Inspirational Nugget: Once in motion, a pattern tends to stay in motion- J. G. Gallimore.





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