A dehumanized or enhanced life.


By Evans Akpo

Satan’s strategy was to attack God’s word to Adam. He overcame the woman through words of discontentment.  The devil used subtle, deceptive, and guile method in attacking God’s word (Gen. 3:1).  He understands that without the word, we would be dehumanized and prevented from enjoying his enhanced life. 

The process of constructing images of enemy has been characterized as dehumanization or pseudo specification (Shimko, 2005).  It is a term used to view members of our own species as if they are not members of our species – that is, to falsely (pseudo) divide the human race into different species.

Argument exist that the process of dehumanization is an almost necessary component of war because “as a rule, human beings do not kill other human beings, before we enter into warfare or genocide, we must first dehumanize those that we mean to eliminate.” This is particularly  important for soldiers, or people that want to do the killing. The hostile imagination systematically destroys our natural tendency to identify others within our species.

Similarly, the purpose of propaganda is to paralyze thoughts, and that was exactly what the devil was doing with Eve in the Garden. She was already like God, and she doesn’t need “to be” like God.  Sometime, we allow ourselves to be dehumanize by the negative thoughts we permit.

Thoughts like, we are doom, we are up to no good, we can’t make it.  And because we let ourselves to be guided by those dehumanizing thoughts, we die gradually.

However, if we could speak God’s word, that assures us that we are more than a conquerer, and that we are far better than where we are.  James 1:113-15, clearly states it is our responsibility to guide our thoughts from the dehumanizing life so we can live God’s enhanced life.


Inspirational Nuggets = Jesus didn’t come to give us a repaired life. He came with a new life for us. 


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