A Final Authority or Appeasement Gesture?



By Evans Akpo

As an International relations major, there are certain terms that appeal  to me when I’m making some points. When I think about the term “appeasement gesture”. It reminds me of the deep cry of animals.  Appeasement Gesture was a concept popularized by Konrad Lorenz involving a display or signal made by lethal animals while fighting with members of their own species in order to indicate defeat and avoid death.

Sometimes, life throws us some blows that would make us yell, or display some signals to avoid death. It could be divorce, broken hopes, debts or joblessness.  The list goes on, but the truth remains that we yell and secretly cry and wish we could give up on life. At that point of our thoughts, becomes apparent in our words. Some get into depression and others commit suicide.

The truth is: our final authority take precedence at that point. Our way of thinking determines who we are at that point. And if God’s word is the final authority of our life, we could be change and be transformed. The idea is not so much about changing the situation as it is about recognizing our final authority. The perspective of who we are transform us amazingly to become what he wants to become.

Proverbs 23:7 speaks to our way of thinking. The way we think dictates the way we are. Roman 8:6, For to be carnally minded is death “appeasement gesture”, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.


Inspirational Nuggets =  When the word of God is the final authority in our personal and professional life, we are held to a high standard that reflect those values, at the same time we enjoy the benefits of the standard. 

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