People first


By Evans Akpo

As I sat with Pastor Steve Curran and Manuel in Southside Bible Study, I could see the passion in the pastor’s  eyes and voice as he emphasize how Jesus longs for his followers to catch his passion for serving one another.  He stressed, “meeting the needs of others and putting people first was Jesus desire. And he exemplifies it by washing his disciples feet.”

Curran has a great affection and care for  people. As I listened to him, he reminds me of how Jesus went down to wash his disciples feet.

Jesus shows us how to live by attending to the unglamorous need of his disciples. As a follower of Jesus, John 15 expresses what should be the primary image of our relationship with Jesus – Others First.  God desires to have an intimate connected relationship with us. And that relationship would become reflective by how we treat others. 


John 13 expresses his sacrificial and unconditional love for us “having loved his own that were in the world, he now showed them the full extend of his love. John 13:1. Abiding with Christ is like developing a better more relationship that puts others first.



Inspirational Nugget = Living a transformational life that has an intimacy with Jesus is revealed  in how we put others first.

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