Are these men ready for commitment? Series 5.

One man: Different opinions.


Men sometime say they want ‘godly women,’ yet they also want women with ‘worldly’ standards. The argument have persisted as to the reason men do not want commitment especially when a woman provide them with everything they need without marriage.

Why should a man feel the need to commit or get married when they have everything a woman gives?

Why should a christian man commit after they have gladly been given sex with no strings attached, and the luxury of putting off marriage.

As we know, God standard has never changed because of the prevalence of some issues. Sex outside the confines of marriage is fornication and it is a sin  (11 Cor. 6:18).

The unanswered question isn’t so much about what is sin, or not as it is about getting things right in line with God’s standards, as well as applying carefully research standards that helps women understand a more likely candidate for a commitment.  No we cannot belittle and dismiss sin, but what we are seeking is how to please God.

Some ways to get a man to commit is:


  • Talk about the Subject.

A woman that wants a commitment should be happy to talk about the subject without coming across as not interested. Asking sometimes helps us get the answers we want in some questions. Not asking, simply defeats the hope of ever getting any answer.  Talk about the subject of marriage, sex and commitment in an intelligent manner if that is what you want. Men most times will never commit if you’re slow and passive. I’m not in anyway suggesting an aggressive-too-forward approach. No, because the result is worse.

Some women have premarital sex and then wonder why their partners has no momentum towards marriage. According to Candance Watters article on “finding a Husband” she stresses how women can be the mysterious one, because the woman who retains her sexual allure by keeping her purity intact is key to getting a man ‘unmet sexual longing is a powerful motivator for men and women alike,’ argues Watters. Our grandparents seem to understand it better than we do.

It should be obvious that men that have their sexual needs met casually have fewer reason to sign up for all the responsibility, or commitment of marriage. The questions arises as to whether using sex as a tool to get a commitment often work. The answer is clear. It doesn’t. however, it saves women the headache and heartbreak associated with the emotional chaos, especially the soul tie issues.  Women can win always by keeping their cards close to their chest.



Inspirational Nugget = Talk about the subject, don’t be passive. Healthy conversations are most likely to open doors.


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