Are these men ready for commitment? Series 4.

One man: Different opinions.

There have been a cultural change from the once traditional as  the sudden trend of more eligible career based women pursuing  fewer eligible men increases. Most women are left with the question of knowing which of the men are worth their time for a commitment, and as such should be listened to because they are tired of  being in the “just friend game” – they want commitment.

While I try producing some answers, I must be honest to state that my list is not exhaustive because several cultural, political and sociological effect could be at play as to the reason many men are unwilling to commit.

There are few pointer that usually suggest if a man will marry you.

  • Shallow Discussion

A man that engages only in a shallow discussion with you is less likely to commit to a relationship with you let alone marriage. Shallow discussion involves only your looks. We all know that looks matters, but the truth is; its fades with time (Prov. 31:30). Women have complained so much about men being shallow, while they seek men to commit, yet they find themselves still staying with the men in the friend zone.

  • Theory and Practice

As I was having a conversation with the chair of my department, I was quick to ask the question as to why most professors, I believe, know better in terms of knowledge are usually divorced. He quickly shared the story of theory and experience. “There are things you know in theory, but cannot be put in practice in the real world, ” he said.

A.J Kiesling in Where Have All the Good Men Gone? discusses how many christian men have contributed to the current marriage crisis by not taking responsibility to grow up and be serious about choosing to date suitable Christian women and choosing to the commitments they’re so scared of making.  As Kiesling makes a case that points to the misinformation men have had about women, some men believe they do not want to be women by women. What that entails is that, most men would love to be active and aggressive with their pursuit for a godly woman if women could just be women. While too many men are not even dating at all, they seem to be afraid to risk.

Inspirational Nugget = We would make a difference if we spend as much the same time on our outward beauty as we do our character.


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