Are these men ready for commitment? Series 3

One man: Different opinions.

If you’re looking for a commitment that would lead to marriage with a man, it makes sense to stay clear from the “buddy temple.” By the buddy temple, I’m referring to the syndrome that has permeated most ladies in wanting to be friends with confirmed bachelors and players. The buddy syndrome is evidently, and especially prevalent among Christian singles. And most times, the women reap the repercussion of their undefined association.

Candance Watters, wrote about some few bad habits that sabotage a relationship. She pointed out some of the few and subtle games that is now a habit among women. Among those habit, wanting to be friends without commitment is what most women ask even when they want a commitment. Yes, some women miss the point.  Some date without daring to require the man to state his intentions.

One woman wrote;  “Men, please don’t be afraid to ask us out on a date, One date doesn’t mean its a serious relationship (Kiesling, 2008)” One serious mistakes women keep making even when they know these men are not ready for commitment is to keep spending their free time with the same group, even after they’ve determined that no one in the group is a potential marriage partner.  As blunt as these statement may sound, it is not far from what contributes to some of the issue at stake.

To get a commitment instead of endless waiting, it would take initiative on your part to encourage those within your circle to invite single christian friends and co-workers they know from other avenues – ask and it shall be given (Matt.7:7).

Inspirational Nugget = Knowing and defining what you want helps foster a good commitment in a relationship.




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