Are these men ready for commitment? Series 2

One man: Different opinions.

According to studies conducted by John Molly research group, the most prevalent complain most christian ladies  have is that many christian single men put off marriages for so long as possible. And when it comes to marriage they shop in the much younger market pool of available christian girls. While their arguments may seem very valid. There are obviously way women could prevent themselves from such headache.  It is not necessarily because these ladies are not good, neither is it because of some terrible mistakes they are making.

Rachel Greenwald, in Find a Husband After 35, explain the market expansion for the women. Especially because most women when asked the type of men they are looking for, usually rattle off a list of many criteria, which is not bad in itself. The issue is not so much about the demand we have, but whether those demands match the supply.  And because they are imagined demand, we have seen women repeatedly dating the same men with negative internal traits, meanwhile their future husband could just be standing five to six feet away.

There is the possibility that most women have thrown away their Mr. right. Greenwald insist in his book, that the criteria set has thrown away most people. And instead she coaches people, “the next time someone asks you what kind of man you’re looking for, spread the word and simply answer “someone wonderful.” See what happens in your box. Always know that God makes all things beautiful in his time when we change our internal dialogue (Eccl. 3:11).

From a Christian perspective, we try to weed out good people, because they’re not valid for our case and we have to change our language by using the criteria the Bible set as a standard.


Inspirational Nugget = He makes all things beautiful in his time.

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