Are these men ready for commitment? Series 1.

One man: Different opinions.

There are simple and significant tips to know if a man is ready for commitment.

In his book Why Men Marry Some Women and Not others, John Molly notes after his research that some men are more likely to commit to marriage at some point in their life than other area. Although he was initially criticize as being a male chauvinist. However, while reading his work, I  agree with Molly that men are more likely to commit to a marital relationship at some point and not at other. And as such women are encourage to check the men out at those point so as not to waste their time.

Molly research shows ninety percent of men who have graduated from college are ready for marriage between the ages of 26 and 33. “But the opportunity usually stays open for only four to six years before it starts to decline.

It is equally clear that men between the ages of 28 and 33 are in high commitment level and more likely to propose. However, most men with a high-school diploma start thinking about marriage as a real possibility between the ages of 23 and 24 years.

Again, the research found out that when men hit 38, the chances he will ever marry drops drastically. Chances that a man will marry for the first time diminish even more after 42 years and 43 years, because at that point they are confirmed bachelors.


Most importantly, the Bible states that Wisdom is profitable to direct (Ecclesiastes 10:10). It makes sense to combine current reality with faith and cast your net where there is a more likelihood to get hold of  a fish.

But never forget that God directs reality and will always lead you where his grace will cover you.

Inspirational Nugget = Wisdom is profitable to direct. 

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