Argument against God


By Evans Akpo


Robert Fritz in The Path of least resistance  shared a story with some key messages to its audience about the lion. According to him, there was once a lion who came across a monkey and thought it was a good time to affirm his position of prominence in the jungle. He roar, threatened and defeated the monkey. He did the same to the Zebra and was also seen as very significant. He was feared and celebrated. He often warns all the other animals with these words, “don’t forget, I’m the king of the jungle.”

A little later, the lion came upon an elephant. “Hey you elephant! who is the king of the jungle?! the lion roared and growled with his most ferocious roar and growl. Without saying a word, the elephant picked up the lion with his trunk and threw the lion against a tree. Then he walked over to the lion and stepped on his tail. Again, he picked the lion and slammed him against the ground. As the elephant walked away, the battered lion lifted his head and yelled. “Hey, don’t get mad just because you don’t know the answer?(Fritz, 1984)”


Some times, we have a lot of problem with reality and  confuses our unanswered question as an argument against God. Psalm 14:1 “the fool says in his heart, there is no God.”

C.S Lewis made the case of a great God giving us the power to put up an argument.  He stressed that we wouldn’t even have the power if it was not given. In a simple term, all that we have was given by God. Anytime we project our argument, we should know that a person with an experience with God is never at the mercy of a person with an argument against God.


Inspirational Nugget = Relationship with God answers, and wins all arguments against his existence.

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