Tear down the pride III

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Relationship with God cannot be separated from his WORD. Knowing God personally is the key to growing in him. I mean’t knowing God  in the context of having a personal relationship with him – not knowing ‘things’ about him.  When we have  a deep seated revelational knowledge of who God is: we’ll never doubt him.

The focus is on God and not on us. Society puts emphasis on self importance. And because all temptations, including the sin of pride is rooted in selfishness, it leads to depression.  God did not create us independently to run our lives.

Pride is the reason people are depressed because they keep thinking about themselves and their situations. And it is easy to point it out because the bible says; “Only by pride cometh contention” Prov. 13:10.

Self “can never” be satisfied. The only way to eliminated self is to depend on a higher power provided by God. God resist the proud, but gives grace to the humble (James 4:6). He has no pleasure, or interest in conceited people, but he shows favor to those who are humble (Prov. 3:34).

Playing the compare game is one sign pride is gradually growing in our lives. It is when you start comparing yourself with others in such a manner that you inflate your accomplishment above what it really is, or should rather should be. Our goal is to make Jesus great and famous – not us.  God never called us to make a name for ourselves, instead he told Abraham, “I’ll make you great.”


Let’s be God focus and make Jesus know and tear down our pride.



Inspirational Nugget = “Self can never be satisfied.”


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