Tear down the pride II

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God created man to be  “God dependent.” Moses ways cost him 40 years in the wilderness because he was trying to do it in his own way instead of being God dependent. When we lay our lives down, God will give it back to us. God told Moses to give him what he couldn’t control because it is only God that can handle what Moses couldn’t handle (Ex.4:4).  Tearing down the walls of pride calls for a total submission to God’s will.


Only by pride cometh contention (Prov. 13:10). And many strife have grown from the soil of pride. God is not looking for us to tear down pride on our own, he wants us to submit to his will.


C.S Lewis puts it clearly; we might think God wanted simple obedience to a set of rules: whereas he wants people of a particular sort.  God isn’t telling us to get rid of pride alone, he wants us to lay our pride down before him in total humility.  The pride in this context is the inwardly directed emotions that carries two common meanings. It has a  negative connotation because pride refers to an inflated sense of one’s opinion or accomplishment.

Joyce Meyer puts it more clearly – pride takes credit for what God has done and steals his glory. It makes us independent of God, and without him we can’t bear good fruit apart from Christ.

Bishop Noel Jones calls pride the little foxes that spoils the vine because it often starts gradually. And because pride destroys unity, it makes sense to humble ourself. It is in turning to God that we are able to turn away from or conceited selfish attitude that exclude God and other people.

The fear of the lord is to hate evil; pride and arrogance.



Inspirational Nugget = Stay humble before God.


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